The Shine Early Childhood Music CD, recorded by Quaker musician Annie Pattersonwill be used Fall 2017 through Summer 2020 (three curriculum years).

Each quarter, Shine offers songs from the CD as free downloads, so families with young children can enjoy the same Shine music used with the Early Childhood curriculum. The current quarter’s song downloads are below. The list of song titles on the CD is below the downloads. To purchase the Shine Early Childhood Music CD, click here.

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The songs available for free download during the Fall 2017 quarter are below.


white-music-icon-48-x-48 Say to the Lord

To download this song, click here: Say to the Lord

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Words and music: Ernie Rettino. © 1981, 2006 Rettino/Kerner Publishing. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


white-music-icon-48-x-48  God Goes with Us

To download this song, click here: God Goes with Us

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© 2013 Cathy Skogen-Soldner, 1923 Noble Road, Arden Hills, MN 55112. All rights reserved. Used by permission. |


white-music-icon-48-x-48 Peace Be with You

To download this song, click here: Peace Be with You

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Words and music: Alison L. Slaats. © 2000 Alison L. Slaats. Used by permission.


There are 30 songs on this CD:

  • “Aleluya Y’in Oluwa” (Alleluia, Praise the Lord)
  • “Alleluia Dance”
  • “A Place in the Choir”
  • “As We Leave This Friendly Place”
  • “De colores” (All the Colors)
  • “El amor de Dios” (The Love of God)
  • “Give Light”
  • “God Goes with Us”
  • “God Is Like”
  • “God Is with Me”
  • “God Made Everything”
  • “He Is Alive”
  • “Hello, Everybody!”
  • “Hosanna!”
  • “I’m Gonna Sing”
  • “I’ve Got Peace in My Fingers”
  • “Jesus, Baby Jesus”
  • “Jesus, We Will Sing”
  • “Jump for Joy”
  • “Light One Candle”
  • “Mary Had a Baby”
  • “May the God of Peace”
  • “Ni Hao, Jambo, Hola” (Hello, Hello, Hello)
  • “Peace Be with You”
  • “Peace Is Flowing like a River”
  • “Say to the Lord, I Love You”
  • “Siyabonga, Jesu” (Thank You, Jesus)
  • “Som’landela” (We Will Follow)
  • “Thank You, God, for Me”
  • “Thanksgiving Canon”


 FOR PRIMARY THROUGH JUNIOR YOUTH, the Shine Songbook and CD is also available for purchase. Songbooks without the CD are available for purchase in sets of five ($24.95 USD). There are 22 songs on the CD and in the songbook. Jeremy Kempf, Director of Music and Worship at Trinity Mennonite Church (Glendale, Arizona) and popular worship leader at several Mennonite Church USA National Youth Conventions, recorded the music for the 2017–18 Shine CD.