It all comes down to spirit. As a teacher, you’re creating a space for children to be open to God’s spirit. Shine sessions are easy for you to use, engaging for your children, and inspiring for your church. They open you to God’s spirit so that you can do the same for your group.

Spiritual practices

Engage your children in the language and habits of worship through prayer, ritual, celebration, and silence. Each session has a spiritual practice to teach your group. Student resources will reinforce these practices, helping your children to take these practices with them in their daily lives.

Peacemaking emphasis

Lift up the call of Jesus and the prophets for righteousness and justice. The biblical notion of shalom encompasses right relationships with yourself, creation, others, and God. Each session includes “peace notes” which include connections to this vision of shalom.

Interesting, engaging activities

How do your children best learn? Through active movement? Art activities? Opportunities to retell the story in their own words?

Drawing from current brain research, Shine sessions include a variety of activities to engage learners of all kinds. Each session includes options for children to explore the Bible story through active movement, creativity and the arts, and engaging student resources.

Reflection and wondering

Children are gifted with a sense of wonder and vivid imaginations. Invite your group to wonder and reflect on the Bible stories, sharing reactions and connections to their own lives. Each session includes questions for reflection and discussion and encourages children to keep asking questions as a way to build faith.

Intuitive, easy to use

Harness your passion for faith formation! Teacher’s guides give you tips and flexible session plans to meet your group’s needs. Groups can also use the Multiage curriculum, created with smaller congregations in mind.

Each session gives you ideas for media connections to enhance the learning experience for your children.

Thoughtful theology

Shine lifts up the following theological convictions:

  • we are known and loved by God;
  • Jesus said that becoming “as a child” is key to entering God’s kingdom;
  • together, young and old can shine the light of Christ in the world around us.

What have you learned from listening to a child’s thoughts about God? Using Shine, children and adults learn together what it means to follow Jesus. Through imagination, boldness, creativity, and a sense of mystery, your children can inspire Christ’s church today.