Faith experienced at an early age is the foundation for all other growth. The good news we share with our children has the power to transform lives and revitalize communities. So, let’s prepare the ground for a new tomorrow, send down roots anchored in love. Let’s sow in them seeds of mercy and plant them by the river of life.
Let’s teach our kids to shine in this world.


Shine: Living in God’s Light is a dynamic Sunday school curriculum that engages Christian communities and families in their life together by


calling children to experience the transforming power of God’s love
By teaching and example, adults have the joy and responsibility to nurture Christian faith in our children. Shine curriculum invites children and their families to grow in love for God and others.
nurturing trust in God and invite children to follow Jesus
We are known by God who loves us and invites us into relationship. Children and youth learn about Jesus who shows us how to love and follow God.
encouraging imaginative, interactive biblical storytelling
Shine uses a wide range of scripture texts. Bible stories are retold using fresh and engaging language that invites children to relive the stories.
exploring the meaning of the Bible within the gathered community
Children’s imagination, sense of mystery, and creativity inspire Christ’s church today. Through the faithful retelling of Bible stories children are invited to share their wonder and reflections.
cultivating the inner life of the Spirit through spiritual practices
Spiritual practices help children to pay attention to God’s activity in their lives. Children are given language and habits of worship through prayer, ritual, celebration, and silence.
expressing faith through lives of compassionate peacemaking and service
We can participate in God’s way by embracing nonviolence, and by seeking justice. Service, mission, and simple living are grateful responses to God’s love and generosity.