Shine cares about you as the teacher

and each session plan also includes elements for your spiritual nurture. PREPARE includes a prayer and helpful tips as you get ready to teach the session. DIG DEEPER is an article written by a biblical scholar to help you gain insights into the text for that week. BLESS includes a closing prayer and reflection for you.

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Shine session plans are easy to use and modeled after the structure of a worship service.


is a time to bring your group together through community building activities, worship, Bible memory, and a spiritual practice.


leads you through presentation ideas to make the Bible story come alive for your group. There are questions and tips for wondering and reflecting together as a group, as well as “peace notes” to connect the story to the biblical vision of shalom.

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allows children to dig into the story and engage various parts of their brain through creative arts projects, active movement, suggestions for retelling the story, and fun activities in the student resource pages. Your children can respond to the story in a variety of ways as you select the ones that would be best for your group.


brings the group back together for a time of prayer and sending. Each session there are words of blessing to offer to your group.

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