What are the Shine products? 

  • Teacher’s guide for each age group
  • Bible storybook, Shine On, for Primary, Middler, and Multiage (needed for the Bible story)
  • Nested leaflets for Early Childhood and Primary (instructions for preparing the leaflets)
  • Magazine-like books for Middler and Junior Youth
  • Resource pack with story pictures for Early Childhood (needed for the Bible story)
  • Poster pack for Primary, Middler, Multiage, and Junior Youth
  • Annual Shine Songbook and CD for Primary through Junior Youth (songbook is also available without the CD in packs of five)
  • Shine Early Childhood Music CD for all three years of Early Childhood
  • Nested leaflets for Multiage Summer
  • CD/Download for Junior Youth summer that is all inclusive, one reproducible per session

Products chart

What are the age groups in Shine? 

  • Early Childhood: Ages 3–5
  • Primary: K–Grade 3
  • Middler: Grades 3–6
  • Multiage: Grades K–6 (During the summer, Grades K-5)
  • Junior Youth: Grades 6–8

How many sessions are in a Shine quarter?

Thirteen sessions (except for the Winter 2015–16 when there are fourteen)

 Where do I find the Bible story in Shine? 

  • Story pictures from the Early Childhood resource pack
  • Shine On: A Story Bible for Primary, Middler, and Multiage
  • Bible for Junior Youth

  Are both Primary leaflets and Middler magazines used with the Multiage teacher’s guide? 

  • Multiage materials are a compilation of Primary and Middler age-group activities for a one-room school type of classroom. Students use the student piece that goes with their age group.
  • Both Primary leaflets and Glow magazines will be used during each session. The teacher will pass out Glow magazines to older children and the single session leaflet to younger children. At the end of the session, younger children will take their leaflets home and older children will store their magazines in the designated space.

How is Shine different during the summer quarter? 

  • Multiage replaces Primary and Middler.
  • The student pieces for Multiage are nested leaflets.
  • Junior Youth is an all inclusive CD or download which includes one reproducible per session for youth.

What should I know about Shine

  1. Shine features a three-year outline. Early Childhood has a separate outline. The three-year Early Childhood Bible outline is planned with the needs of young children in mind.
  2. Shine is Bible story-based. Wondering and reflection follow each story.
  3. It is easy to use and emphasizes thoughtful theology.
  4. Grounded in the belief that children are partners in ministry
  5. Designed to be new every year, allowing the publishers to keep the material responsive to user feedback. Click here for the evaluation form.

What are some specific features of Shine

  1. The Shine session plan features Dig deeper essays (Bible background for each session),  Spiritual practices (age-appropriate ideas for nurturing the inner life of the spirit; see additional information below), Peace notes (ideas for forming compassionate peacemakers; see additional information below), and Media connections (which include a variety of online and print ideas; see additional information below).
  2. Early Childhood has its own music CD. This product is used throughout three years of the curriculum (2014-17)  to encourage faith formation at home with free music downloads every quarter.
  3. Early Childhood and Primary have leaflets to take home each week. For Middler and Junior Youth there are magazine-like student books.
  4. Shine has a Bible storybook Shine On that includes all the Bible stories in the three-year outline for Primary, Middler, and Multiage, plus a few more. Congregations are encouraged to present Shine On or Resplandecethe Spanish translation, to each child’s family in order to make a strong church-home connection.

Is there someplace where I can see all the Bible memory passages? 

  • There is usually more than one Bible memory passage in a quarter. Early Childhood has its own set of Bible memory passages different from Primary–Junior Youth.
  • The Bible memory passages are available on the Web page. Both the quarters and the age group are noted for each passage.

How can I prepare to use Spiritual practices effectively in my congregation

  • Let the spiritual practice of each session become your own spiritual practice for the week.
  • Read pages 49–58 in Shine Together: The Essential Guide for Leaders and Teachers (available through the Shine store).
  • Make a prayer path or labyrinth. Find a pattern on our Extras page.

What should I know about Peace notes

  • Peace notes is one way of helping children shine the light of Christ in the world.
  • Shine curriculum offers a broad vision of peace based on the teachings of Jesus and the Hebrew Bible’s concept of shalom. It includes: peace with God, peace with others, peace with creation, and peace with self. Click to download the Peace notes diagram on our Foundational documents page.
  • Peace is not the moral of every Bible story. However, the story of the Bible as a whole shows us God’s desires for the world.  Go to our training page to view the following Shine training videos: “The Shalom Arc” and “Peace Notes in Every Shine Curriculum Session.”

 What are ways to use Media connections

  1. Media connections can add creativity and relevance to your session. They can enlarge your understanding of the Bible text and prepare you to offer additional experiences to children.
  2. Some electronic media connections can be shared with your group. Using tablets and other devices can make it easy to connect to online music, show a short video clip, or show a painting related to the Bible text of the day. Always check the website ahead of time before sharing something with your group.
  3. Bring a computer, tablet, or smartphone to play a suggested mp3 as children arrive or during transition times.
  4. Gather print media (such as picture books) and physical items (like recordings) to share with your group as an alternative to some other suggested activity.
  5. Media connections can help you set up a media center option in the room with instructions and ideas for older children and youth to explore.
  6. Always use suggestions as a beginning point. Postings may change and media connections come from a variety of sources and perspectives.

I don’t have access to a copier. Is it possible to print out the Additional resources at the back of the teacher’s guide? 

  • Yes, you can print the pages that are marked “OK to copy.” Go to the Extras page and click on the link to the PDF for that each age group.

 Does Shine have any social media pages?

Does Shine ship internationally?

  • Yes, we do, but our webstore is not set up to take international addresses. You will need to place your international order over the phone at 1-800-245-7894 or via email at CustomerService@ShineCurriculum.com. We do NOT recommend sending credit card numbers in emails, but encourage international customers to call with that information instead. The cost of shipping will vary depending on where the curriculum is being shipped and it may require special packaging or labels as it is considered religious material.