The Shine curriculum takes your children through important themes and characters in the Bible in three years. (The theme charts and Bible outlines follow this general description.)

  • Fall quarters will engage Old Testament stories which follow a narrative sequence from one fall quarter to the next.
  • Winter quarters will follow Advent and Jesus’ birth stories, followed by stories from the lectionary gospel for that year.
  • Spring quarters continue the story of Jesus through Lent and Easter. After Easter, Spring quarters will feature “Shalom modules.” These modules will focus on an aspect of the biblical vision of shalom, which includes peace with self, creation, others, and God. This concept of shalom is found in Peace notes in every session of every teacher’s guide.
  • Summer quarters will highlight themes or stories within the Old and New Testaments.


Biblical Themes Charts

Two themes charts are available for the next three curriculum years–one with the themes for Primary, Middler, Multiage, and Junior Youth; and one with the themes for Early Childhood. Some of the themes are for all age groups, and these are noted on the PDFs. The one for Primary through Junior Youth is also below in addition to the link to the PDF above:

Primary–Junior Youth Theme Chart                                                                                           
Fall Winter Spring Summer
Being God’s People

Stories from the First Church
First Families in Genesis
Journeys with Jesus

Advent and Christmas
Stories of Jesus
God’s Good News

Lent and Easter
(Mark and John)
The Ways of Peace
God’s Creation

Celebrating God’s World
 Experiencing God’s World
Sharing God’s World
Fall Winter Spring Summer
God’s Blessing and Care

Stories from the First Church
Escape from Egypt
 Journeys with Jesus

Advent and Christmas
Stories of Jesus (Luke)
God’s Good News

Lent and Easter
Enough for All 
Living in the Land

Hearing God’s Call
Kings and Prophets 
Fall Winter Spring Summer
Stories of God’s People

Churches in Many Places
Exile and Return 
 Journeys with Jesus

Advent and Christmas
Stories of Jesus (Matthew) 
 God’s Good News

Lent and Easter (John and Matthew)
Caring for the Least
Following God

Faithful Women and Men
Followers of Jesus 
 Click for the Early Childhood themes.


Bible Outlines

The outlines list the scripture texts and purpose statements for each week.

Early Childhood has its own outline, approaching the texts in age-appropriate ways.

Primary, Middler, Multiage, and Junior Youth share an outline. Each age group’s materials will give a variety of dynamic ideas for ways to apply the biblical teaching to your children’s lives.